‌SlimSAS 8i S‌FF-8654 to 2 X Mini SAS SFF-8643 Cable - 250mm


SlimSAS 8i S‌FF-8654 to 2 X Mini SAS SFF-8643 Cable - 250mm

The SlimSAS 8i SFF-8654 to 2 X Mini SAS SFF-8643 Cable - 250mm is a versatile and dependable cabling solution designed to meet the connectivity needs of modern data storage and communication systems. Its compatibility, high data throughput, durability, and error-free transmission characteristics make it an excellent choice for various applications in data-centric environments.  

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‌‌SlimSAS 8i S‌FF-8654 to 2 X Mini SAS SFF-8643 Cable - 250mm

The SlimSAS 8i SFF-8654 to 2 X Mini SAS SFF-8643 Cable is a high-performance data transfer solution designed to meet the connectivity needs of modern data storage and server systems. With a length of 250 millimeters, this cable efficiently links SlimSAS 8i SFF-8654 connectors to two Mini SAS SFF-8643 connectors, enabling seamless data exchange between compatible devices. Micro SATA Cables Part# SLM-2092-2XMS
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Key Features:

SlimSAS 8i Compatibility: This cable is equipped with a SlimSAS 8i SFF-8654 connector, making it compatible with a wide range of storage and server systems that utilize this industry-standard interface. SlimSAS connectors are known for their compact form factor, optimizing space utilization in densely populated server racks.

Dual Mini SAS SFF-8643 Connectivity: The cable is equipped with two Mini SAS SFF-8643 connectors, allowing simultaneous data transfer between the SlimSAS-equipped host and two target devices. Mini SAS SFF-8643 connectors are renowned for their high data transfer rates and versatility.

High Data Throughput: Engineered to support high-speed data transfer, this cable is ideal for applications demanding fast and reliable data communication. Both SlimSAS 8i and Mini SAS SFF-8643 connectors are designed to accommodate the latest high-speed data protocols, ensuring optimal performance.

250mm Length: With a length of 250 millimeters (approximately 9.84 inches), this cable offers flexibility in cable routing and management within server enclosures and storage configurations. It strikes a balance between cable length and signal integrity, making it suitable for various deployment scenarios.

Durable Construction: The cable is constructed using premium materials to ensure long-lasting performance. Its connectors are securely attached to the cable, minimizing the risk of accidental disconnection and signal loss. The cable is also designed to withstand the challenges of data center environments.

Error-Free Data Transmission: The cable incorporates robust shielding and signal integrity enhancements to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ensure error-free data transmission. This is critical in applications where data integrity is paramount.

Hot-Pluggable Design: The hot-pluggable design of the connectors allows for easy and convenient installation and replacement without powering down the system. This feature reduces downtime and simplifies maintenance procedures.
Applications: The SlimSAS 8i SFF-8654 to 2 X Mini SAS SFF-8643 Cable is widely used in data center environments, server configurations, and high-performance computing systems. It is suitable for applications such as:

Storage Systems: Connecting SAS storage arrays and drives to controllers.
Server-to-Expander Connections: Enabling the expansion of server storage capacity.
Data Backup and Recovery: Ensuring reliable data transfer for backup and recovery operations.
High-Performance Computing: Supporting data communication in HPC clusters and supercomputers.
Data Center Networking: Facilitating high-speed data transmission between critical infrastructure components.

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