MCIO 74 Pin – Y Cable Split to 2 x 38 Pin MCIO -500MM


MCIO 74 Pin – Y Cable Split to 2 x 38 Pin MCIO -500MM

The Micro SATA Cables MCIO 74P - Y cable Split to 2x 38P MCIO (50CM) is a specialized cable designed for connecting and splitting the data and power signals between a 74-pin Micro SATA connector and two 38-pin MCIO (Multi-Channel Input/Output) connectors. Here's a description of the cable:

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MCIO 74 Pin – Y Cable Split to 2 x 38 Pin MCIO -500MM

Micro SATA Cables PN # MCIO-2070-Y38P

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‌The Micro SATA Cables MCIO 74P – Y cable is a specialized cable designed to split the connection of a 74-pin Micro SATA interface into two separate 38-pin MCIO (Mini Channel Input/Output) connectors. The cable is 50 centimeters in length, allowing for flexible positioning and convenient connectivity within compatible systems.

Key technical specifications of the cable are as follows:

Connector Types:

One end: 74-pin Micro SATA connector (male)

Split ends: Two 38-pin MCIO connectors (female)

Pin Configuration:

The 74-pin Micro SATA connector follows the standard pinout for Micro SATA interfaces.

The two 38-pin MCIO connectors adhere to the pin configuration specific to MCIO interfaces.

Cable Length:

The cable has a length of 50 centimeters (or approximately 19.7 inches), providing sufficient reach for connecting compatible devices.

Cable Type and Shielding:

The cable is likely constructed using shielded twisted pair (STP) or similar wiring configuration, which helps reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) and signal degradation.


The cable is designed to connect devices with a 74-pin Micro SATA interface to peripherals or systems equipped with 38-pin MCIO connectors. This configuration enables data transfer and communication between the connected devices.

Overall, the Micro SATA Cables MCIO 74P – Y cable offers a practical solution for splitting a Micro SATA connection into two MCIO connectors, allowing for expanded compatibility and flexibility in various applications.

Micro SATA Cables PN# MCIO-2070-Y38P

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