M.2 to U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe Adapter


M.2 to U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe Adapter

This adapter also includes a SFF-8643 connector, which provides a high-speed connection to your system's U.2 port.

The compact size of the M.2 to U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe Adapter makes it an ideal choice for use in small form factor systems.

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M.2 to U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe Adapter

The M.2 to U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe Adapter is an innovative solution that enables you to harness the power of NVMe technology with your existing U.2-compatible storage devices. This adapter allows you to convert an M.2 form factor SSD to a U.2 interface, providing you with a high-speed data transfer rate of up to 32Gbps. The M.2 to U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe Adapter is an easy-to-install solution that requires no additional software or drivers. Simply plug the adapter into your system's M.2 slot and connect the SFF-8643 connector to your U.2-compatible storage device. The adapter features a high-quality PCB design that ensures stable and reliable performance, making it an excellent choice for demanding applications. The compact size of the M.2 to U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe Adapter makes it an ideal choice for use in small form factor systems. Additionally, the adapter is designed to be energy-efficient, ensuring that it won't put unnecessary strain on your system's power supply. With its high-speed data transfer rates and reliable performance, the M.2 to U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe Adapter is an excellent option for upgrade their storage devices to NVMe technology.

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SKU MSC-1836
Bar Code (UPC) 611851925086

Compatibility: Compatible with both M.2 and U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe devices, ensuring seamless connectivity between the two. 

  •  High-Speed Performance: Support high-speed data transfer rates to ensure that data can be transferred quickly and efficiently between the M.2 and U.2 (SFF-8643) NVMe devices. 
  • Compact Design: Compact design that allows it to fit easily into a variety of computer systems, including laptops and desktops. 
  • Easy Installation: Easy to install, with plug-and-play functionality that requires minimal technical expertise to get up and running. 
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, with a durable construction that can withstand regular use and handling without experiencing damage or degradation in performance.
  • Micro SATA Cables Part# MSC-1836

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