Electronic Product Solutions offers consumer products with its Massachusetts-based company, Micro SATA Cables™. Micro SATA Cables has an extensive website and is a power seller on both Ebay and Amazon.

Micro SATA Cables was originally founded in response to the issues arising in connecting 1.8 inch Micro SATA Drives to computers and accessing data from these drives outside of their host computer. Today, Micro SATA Cables manufactures and sells a wide variety of solutions, including power adapters, converters and a wide variety of cases and enclosures.

Our philosophy that “today’s special order may become tomorrow’s best seller” has driven an expertise in custom orders and special requests. Micro SATA Cables works directly with global manufacturers as well as manufactures many items in our own US facility.

Please visit www.MicroSATACables.com for products, wholesale opportunities, special orders, and fast, reliable service.

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